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Camarillo CA 93012


Italian churches have special meaning for me.  On a number of occasions, I have been moved by spiritual experiences in churches like Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, and San Mineato al Monte in Florence, to name a few.  Below are some of my favorite images from a recent trip to Italy that include these churches: Santa Maria Novella and its Cloisters, Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo), San Mineato al Monte, and Santa Croce in Florence; the Duomo and the Baptistery in Siena, and San Zaccaria in Venice.

Florence SMN Doors
Florence Massaccio
Florence SMN Interior 1
Florence SMN Interior 2
Florence SMN Interior 4
Florence SMN Altarpiece
Florence SMN Chapel 8
Florence SMN Main Altar 3
Florence SMN Altarpiece and Window
Florence SMN  Main Altar Window
Florence SMN Chapel Ceiling
Florence SMN Chapel 9
Florence SMN Fresos 9
Florence SMN Fresco 2
Florence SMN Main Altar 8
Florence SMN Fresco 1
Florence SMN Main Altar 12
Florence SMN Frescos 4
Florence SMN Father Thomas
Florence SMN New Cloister 5
Florence SMN New Cloister 2
Florence SMN New Cloister 4
Florence SMN New Cloister 8
Florence SMN Cloister Chapel 2
Florence SMN New Cloister 1
Florence SMN New Cloister 14
Florence SMN New Cloister 12
Florence SMN New Cloister 9
Florence SMN New Cloister 19
Florence SMN New Cloister 18
Florence SMN New Cloister 10
Florence SMN New Cloister 11
Florence SMN New Cloister 17
Florence SMN New Cloister 15
Florence smn new Cloister 20
Florence SNM New Cloister 8
Florence SMN New Cloister 22
Florence SMN Old Cloister 1
Florence SMN Spanish Chapel 5
Florence SMN Spanish Chapel 16
Florence SNM Spanish  Chapel 6
Florence Duomo 10
Florence Duomo 20
Florence Duomo 1
Florence Duomo 47
Florence Duomo 45
Florence Duomo 46
Florence Duomo 3
Florence Duomo 44
Florence Duomo 48
Florence Duomo 2.
Florence Duomo 4
San Mineato 2
Florence San Mineato 22
Florence San Mineato 23
San Mineato 6
San Mineato 1
Florence San Mineato 44
Florence San Mineato 28
San Mineato 8
Florence San Mineato 11
Florence San Mineato 12
Florence San Mineato 13
Sn Mineato 4
San Mineato 10
Florence San Mineato 20
San Mineato 5
Florence San Mineato 14
Florence Santa Croce 4
Florence Santa Croce 3
Florence Santa Croce 5
Florence Sta Croce 203
Florence Sta Croce Crucifix 1
Florence Santa Croce 10
Florence Santa Croce 6
Florence Santa Croce 9
Florence Santa Croce 17
Florence Santa Croce 8
Florence Santa Croce 11
Florence Santa Croce 12B
Florence Sta Croce 207B
Florence Sta Croce 240
Florence Sta Croce 216
Florence Santa Croce 13
Florence Santa Croce 14
Florence Sta Croce 244
Florence Sta Croce 205
Florence Sta Croce 208
Florence Santa Croce 1
Florence Santa Croce 20
Florence Sta Croce 101
Florence Sta Croce 200
Florence Sta Croce 201
Florence Sta Croce 246
Florence Sta Croce 202
Florence Sta Croce 206
Florence Sta Croce 210
Florence Sta Croce 212
Florence Sta Croce 213
Florence Sta Croce 214
Florence Sta Croce218
Florence Sta Croce 242
Flornce Sta Croce 100
Florence Santa Croce 16
Siena Duomo 14
Siena Duomo 27
 Siena 15
Siena 244
Siena 33
Siena 243
Siena 7
Siena 102
Siena 16
Siena 113
Siena 22
Siena 31
Siena 17
Siena 20
Siena 28
Siena 19
Siena 120
Siena 121
Siena 110
Siena 35
Siena 21
Siena 122
Siena 119
Venice San Zaccaria 9
Venice San Zaccaria 10
Venice San Zaccaria 8
Venice San Zaccaria 2
Venice San Zaccaria 3
Venice San Zaccaria 5
Venice San Zaccaria 6
Venice San Zaccaria 7
Venice San Zaccaria 1
Venice San Zaccaria 1A
Venice San Zaccaria 4