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This page contains images from a recent road trip through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah in early June 2018. Our photo trip included three National Parks, a Navajo Tribal Park, and a Nevada State Park.  Each setting offered something special, often iconic to capture.  Images from each location are presented in the order listed below:

Valley of Fire is a Nevada State Park within the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas. Its name is derived from the Red Aztec Sandstone that formed from shifting sand dunes and erosion 150 million years ago.

Monument Valley straddles the Arizona – Utah border in the Navajo Nation near The Four Corners area of the U.S.   This iconic region of the Colorado plateau consists of vast sandstone buttes rising abruptly from the desert valley floor. I have wanted to visit Monument Valley for many years, becsuse my grandfather was one of the film crew for John Ford’s landmark western movie, Stagecoach, which was filmed there.

Canyonlands National Park is a majestic, multicolored landscape of mesas, buttes and canyons below the confluence of the Colorado and Green rivers near Moab, Utah.  This vast geologically varied area was formed over millions of years by erosion from the Colorado and Green rivers and their tributaries.

Arches National Park in eastern Utah, also near Moab, has the largest density of natural sandstone arches in the world.  With more than 2,000 sandstone arches and other intriguing geologic formations, Arches National Park offers many opportunities to capture unique landscape images.

Capitol Reef National Park in south central Utah occurs along the Waterpocket Fold, a large wrinkle on the earth’s crust.  We were fortunate to photograph the scenic drive there in late afternoon light.

As with all photo trips, this one was another exceptional adventure with opportunities to view and photograph unique and iconic landscapes.  The trip was altogether too short, but it was great fun. I hope my images will inspire others to visit and experience the grandeur of these locations.

Valley of Fire 35
Valley of Fire 2
Valley of Fire 3
Valley of Fire 4
Valley of Fire 5
Valley of Fire 6
Valley of Fire 7
Valley of Fire 8
Valley of Fire 9
Valley of Fire 10
Valley of Fire 11
Valley of Fire 12
Valley of Fire 13
Valley of Fire 14
Valley of Fire 19
Valley of Fire 15
Valley of Fire 16
Valley of Fire 18
Valley of Fire 17
Valley of Fire 21
Valley of Fire 22
Valley of Fire 23
Valley of Fire 24
Valley of Fire 26
Valley of Fire 27
Valley of Fire 28
Valley of Fire 29
Valley of Fire 30
Valley of Fire 31
Valley of Fire 33
Valley of Fire 34
Monument Valley 31
Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley 3
Monument Valley 4
Monument Valley 5
Monument Valley 6
Monument Valley 7
Monument Valley 8
Monument Valley 9
Monument Valley 10
Monument Valley 11
Monument Valley 12
Monument Valley 13
Monument Valley 14
Monument Valley 15
Monument Valley 16
Monument Valley 17
Monument Valley 18
Monument Valley 19
Monument Valley 20
Monument Valley 21
Monument Valley 22
Monument Valley 23
Monument Valley 24
Monument Valley 25
Monument Valley 26
Monument Valley 27
Monument Valley 28
Monument Valley 29
Monument Valley 30
Canyonlands 5 Mesa Arch
Canyonlands 2
Canyonlands 3 Mesa Arch
Canyonlands 4 Mesa Arch
Canyonlands 6
Canyonlands 7
Canyonlands 8
Canyonlands 9
Canyonlands 10
Canyonlands 11
Canyonlands 12
Canyonlands 13
Canyonlands 14
Canyonlands 15
Canyonlands 16
Canyonlands 17
Canyonlands 18
Canyonlands 19
Canyonlands 20
Canyonlands 21
Canyonlands 22
Canyonlands 23
Arches 2
Arches 3
Arches 4
Arches 5
Arches 6
Arches 7
Arches 8
Arches 9
Arches 10
Arches 11
Arches 12
Arches 13
Arches 14
Arches 15
Arches 16
Arches 17
Arches 18
Arches 27
Arches 19
Arches 20
Arches 21
Arches 22
Arches 23
Arches 24
Arches 26
Capitol Reef 2
Capitol Reef 3
Capitol Reef 4
Capitol Reef 5
Capitol Reef 6
Capitol Reef 7
Capitol Reef 8
Capitol Reef 9
Capitol Reef 10
Capitol Reef 11
Capitol Reef 12
Capitol Reef 15
Capitol Reef 16
Capitol Reef 17
Capitol Reef 18
Capitol Reef 19
Capitol Reef 27
Capitol Reef 21
Capitol Reef 22
Capitol Reef 23
Capitol Reef 24
Capitol Reef 25
Capitol 26