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This page is derived from a long awaited road trip through the northwestern United States in early summer 2016. Our trip included four National Parks, two National Monuments, and one State Historic Park in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming. Each setting offered something special to capture, and all should be considered national treasures.  Bodie and Yellowstone National Park, not shown here, were part of this trip and have their own pages on my site. 

Crater Lake is a bright blue jewel situated in southern Oregon along the Cascade Crest.  Yes, the water really is that blue! 

Craters of the Moon in Idaho are geologically young lava beds that interrupted The Oregon Trail, causing significant detours as pioneer wagon trains came west.

Grand Tetons National Park is a majestic area of azure lakes and Alpine mountain peaks adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.

The Painted Hills in eastern Oregon consist of spectacular multicolored hills and arid scrub brush bordered by lushly irrigated farmland.

Four of the areas we visited are volcanic in origin and two are still active.  Lassen and Yellowstone Parks exhibit current volcanic activity, as sulfurous odors assail visitors in several areas of both.

For me, this road trip was a magnificent experience with new goals to achieve using super wide-angle lenses.  It was great fun, and I hope others will be inspired by my images to visit and experience the grandeur of these locations themselves.

Craters of the Moon 8
Craters of the moon 9
Craters of the Moon 10
Craters of the Moon 12
Craters of the Moon 22
Craters of the Moon 23
Craters of the Moon 25
Lassen 8
Lassen 10
Lassen 11
Lassen 3
Lassen 6
Lassen 12
Lassen 14
Lassen 15
Lassen 16
Lassen 17
Lassen 18
Lassen 19
Lassen 20
Lassen 21
Lassen 22
Lassen 23
Lassen 24
Lassen 25
Lassen 28
Lassen 29
Lassen 32
Lassen 31
Crater Lake 5
Crater Lake 7
Crater Lake 9
Crater Lake 10
Crater Lake 11
Crater Lake 6
Crater Lake 12
Crater Lake 13
Crater Lake 14
Crater Lake 25
Crater Lake 26
Crater Lake 27
Crater Lake 29
Crater Lake 30
Crater Lake 32
Crater Lake15
Painted Hills 8
Painted Hills 6
Painted Hills 13
Painted Hills 14
Painted Hills 9
Painted Hills 1A
Painted Hills 3
Painted Hills 17
Painted Hills 15
Painted Hills 16
Painted Hills 41
Painted Hills 43
Painted Hills 44
Painted Hills 45
Painted Hills 46
Painted Hills 48
Painted Hills 50z
Tetons 2
Tetons 40
Tetons 44
Tetons 4
Tetons 10
Tetons 5
Tetons 6
Tetons 16
Tetons 18
Tetons 19
Tetons 8
Tetons 21
Tetons 24
Tetons 25